The four criminal justice (CJ) inspectorates – of Constabulary, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Prisons and Probation – have a history of working together to inspect elements of the criminal justice system (CJS), to spur improvements in specific and/or general service delivery to the public. The CJ Chief Inspectors Group (CJCIG) meets regularly to oversee the delivery of programmes of collaborative working.
Chief Inspectors have stated the purpose of joint inspection to be:
“We work together to address issues that involve more than one criminal justice agency and have a direct impact on the public who use the justice system. Working together produces a more rounded examination of issues that cut across the system and enables us to achieve more than if just one inspectorate acted alone.
We support democratic accountability, local transparency and the drive to reduce bureaucracy. Joint inspection particularly provides a unique focus on:

  • Systemic issues within the CJS as a whole;
  • Identifying and driving cost from the system;
  • Addressing risks and public safety;
  • Looking at the system end-to-end and the role individual agencies play;
  • Universal issues, standards and constraints within the CJS; and
  • Public reassurance and confidence.”


The current Joint Business Plan

CJJI Joint Inspection Business Plan 2014-16

Inspection Programme

The CJ joint inspection programme includes both continuing commitments – on-going programmes which visit and report individually on every area over a given period – and  specific ‘thematic’ inspections – where a particular theme is explored in a limited number of areas and a composite report is published.
All of these joint thematic reports are available on this website. The reports from the on-going inspections within the joint inspection programme appear on the websites of the lead inspectorates, namely:

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